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Naturally Artist

Precious daughter of an adoring father, I grew up playing with colors and lines making any surface my very own canvas. No wonder my father got busy bringing me papers, clay ports, fabrics, and appropriate paints and tools painting, or painting, or doing something of art. It was when I was only seven/eight years old - my father used to bring whatever I wanted instantly. He brought clay plots, paints, colors, papers etc. I painted them in my own way. As I grew up gradually, my works matured and my father admitted me to an well known art school - Chitrangshu. I completed the 6 years course and received my distinction. Then I started painting big works. I didn't know anything other than painting. I experimented with every form of Indian art including tie/die, batick, fabric painting.

Once as Artist - always an Artist

At the age of 24, as I was doing MA in Philosophy in the University, I got married into a traditional Bengali Family, I was then a house wife only. I had to discontinue my art and studies. Yet, I was totally in a world of arts. When I was a housewife - I used to do several activities which were related to arts - in puja's, marriages etc.

One time I joined Chitrangshu again - now as a teacher - continued for a few years.

Time came when I felt myself absolutely nothing and I went through a serious mental depression. At that time I came to know Raja - a well known and established art teacher. I refound my love for painting. It was painting for which I could again stand up.

In my 70s when all my relatives were gone - I came to my daughter in USA. I painted and painted and developed terrible hand pain so much so that I cried and screamed of pain at night. But I was so much engrossed when I could - that I would be blissfully lost. At this age I am sta

I did 2 exhibitions where I got much appreciation and also several paintings were sold at high rate. This inspired me and now at the age of 77 I continue to paint. At this time of Covid - it's all collecing in my studio.

I would love to show you people my creations and if you love them that will add to my pride/satisfaction of my creations.

Thank you sending blessings your way through my paintings.

Thins that come through my brushes tend to be 

- gods and goddesses I pray to every day

- women, mostly from rural bengal - every day life inspired by my travels

plants, animals, birds - that play with me along my afternoon strolls

- and ornamental designs that were part of rituals and spewcial events 

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