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I Believe

I believe in my personally developed rules for life

Do what needs doing

Help others when you can

Go to the funeral

I believe is a big idea

Like, I believe you when you say

Except I don’t, not alway(s)

I lived in the Show Me State, and that suited me fine

I test, second guess, keep my own counsel

I believe in one god, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. Of all that is seen and unseen.

This is the beginning of the prayer, the Apostles’ creed or the Nicene

the one I learned to parrot as a child

I don’t believe ANY of that anymore, if I ever did

It’s been a long time

I believe is a hard one for me

I grew up cautious, caught on that sometimes

answers were being made up on the spot

pure bluster

In a holdover, I will sometimes think I am lied to when I’m not

Apologize for your mistakes

And make amends where you can

Eat low on the food chain

Clean up your messes

To whom much is given, much is expected

Follow the platinum rule

Do unto others as they wish to be done unto

And go outside, you silly human

I believe in trying

I believe in hope

I believe in holding out for the plot twist

I believe in the present moment

I believe to dust we shall return

Or ash

Or mushrooms

Or daisies


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