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My Favorite Quiet

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

By Marty Bulger

My favorite quiet was 2AM when I sat in the carved oak rocker with the round

caned seat holding my infant son warm against my body. The world around us was

dark and the street slept outside the window. The houses silent, drawn into

themselves, each holding their own secrets, their own worlds.

I was in primal mode, doing what I was created for. Having grown new life within

the quiet of my womb and I was now sustaining this life that I had created. So

natural, purposeful and intimate. Holy and private in the stillness of his room.

Latched onto my breast, eyes closed, hungrily sucking the nourishment my body

provided only for him. Sometimes his baby-soft hand reached up and gently rested

against my cheek. I felt our connection, our blending of blood, our need for one

another. He, totally in the moment. Me so very aware and overwhelmed at the

simplicity and complexity all at the same time. The quiet was filled with the sounds

of his sweet sucking, his little gulps of satisfaction.

I wanted this moment, this memory, to last forever.

It was my favorite quiet.

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