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Your Joyful Decluttering class is a wonderful investment of time and energy for me. Your approach is clear, effective, and kind, shining light on physical, emotional, and energetic aspects. You treat each person with warmth and dignity. The group conversations were fascinating and we went deep! I decluttered a mountain of loose paperwork from boxes into a closet of clear, organized files. I feel so much lighter and more confident.


Thank you

Tess Bradley

Joyful Decluttering, 3rd Round in 2023

My experience of exploring Decluttering with Roke has given to me profound insight into my own issues . 


What I learned from Roke, I can sum up in a few phases: 

Before purchasing something I now ask myself - "Does it have a purpose AND does it have a place in my home/life?"


For the things I already have, I ask myself - "Am I intentionally keeping this?"


Joyful Decluttering, 3rd Round in 2023

The writing workshop, My Life. My Story. has been a transformative experience for me.  Roke provided a safe, supportive environment for me to test the waters as a writer.   Her encouragement and non-judgement enabled me to do what feels right for me. There was no pressure and I have been able to discover what my own writing process and style looks like.  I have been taking Roke's writing workshops since January 2023 and don't plan on stopping.


Marty Bulger

My Life. My Story. Rounds 1,2,3 of 2023

Ten weeks of writing with a small group of women and Roke’s guidance was a wonderful experience. As the weeks progressed, it became an anchor to my week and a soft space to land each Monday night. The women were courageous, creative, vulnerable, funny; and we wrote from the alchemy of our collective. Roke encouraged us, supplied prompts and gave feedback along the way. At times, the stories poured out of me, at times blocks arose; all was part of the process. It was very special to become accustomed to spinning our stories and bearing witness to the others’ process. 


Elaine Marie

My Life. My Story. Round 3 of 2023

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