Salon Amour presents
A Global Zoom Qonnect
Sunday May 24, 3:00 - 5:30 pm PST
Registration Fee: $45

Flirtatious Engagement

45+ Butch-Femme Affair for Romance, Friendship, & More...

The intention of this live and facilitated event is to provide a safe and playful online platform to all those who identify themselves within the expansive spectrum of butch-femme and 45+.


This Butch-Femme Affair is for you to be simply who you are and engage in loosely structured, fun, mindful, and heartfelt conversations. We wish to conjure possibilities where these interactions might lead to; sweet heart connections - romantic or otherwise.

NOTE: We screen and sort through participants to increase the chance of you meeting SAFE PEOPLE ONLY. We also have process/guidelines in place to handle triggers.


Roke Noir is a psychosomatic mental health & relationship coach, life skills educator, and vedic-shamanic energy practitioner. She identifies as a queer woman of color, and within that perceives herself as a 51 year old butch-dyke. She believes in the importance of authentic relationships and hence been running events for connecting queer women at Salon Amour, since 2006.


You can check out her work as a holistic healthcare practitioner at Labrys Healthcare Circle on her website.


Being a single butch, I have been missing my freedom to connect with femmes, which opens up a sweet, romantic, and happy part of me - since we are all stuck at home!


Yes, we can spend hours searching and maybe connecting through online dating sites. But it's not the same as engaging live with real and safe people.


More so if one is shy (I am in this area) and need some facilitated structure to break the ice and get things started.


This event fulfills this desire for juicy engagements - no matter where they may lead us.

  • You will receive a brief profile of those you will meet before the event - based on a questionnaire you fill ahead of time.

  • You will zoom in a private room and engage in a ice-breaking group activity.

  • Via breakout rooms you will meet those you are matched with.

  • You will privately submit your choices of people who you would like to further your connection with

  • You will receive contact information of those who also wish to continue knowing you - from your list.

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