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Summer 2024 - 15 Days - June 23 to July 7

divine greece

Let's go to Greece, a country of beauty, magic, and ancient history.

Next Information Session - Sunday, March 31, 11 am PT

Get on Zoom to learn about the trip, meet the hosts, and ask questions



You are invited to join Roke (Krishnakali) on a journey to Greece, led by Dimitra, a local lesbian guide. For the first time, Roke will host a small group of women as they experience Greece through the eyes of one of her own.


Roke was born and raised in Kolkata, India.  Greek culture had a profound impact on the art, architecture, language, and spirituality in India. So when the chance came to work with Dimitra, she created an unique itinerary that combines the history, culture, and natural beauty of Greece with a life changing Empowerment Ceremony for Women. Roke is a Somatic Life Coach, Human Energy Teacher, and a Spiritual Guide in the Hindu/Indian tradition. Dimitra is a Somatic Therapist, Archeologist, and author of several books on Greece. The intention of this trip is to allow Greece to work her transformative magic on you, by changing your perspectives and expanding your view of life.


Our upcoming trip to Greece is scheduled for​ June 23 - July 7, 2024. It is an All Women Journey of Athens, Peloponnesus, & Lesvos. 

why us?

  • Divine Greece is a sacred and fun experiential journey, that inspires a feast of the senses. This 14 days trip offers a deep dive into the cultural richness, ancient spirituality, and natural beauty of Greece.

  • You come to Greece as a guest of Roke and Dimitra, not a mere tourist and as a member of a small group of women.

  • Dimitra, an archeologist, author, and somatic therapist, who lives in Greece will be our local guide. Being with Dimitra, you receive an insider's view of Greece. Dimitra has been guiding people through Greece for a long time.​

  • Roke's company at all times as your hostess and facilitator of your inner journeys, deepens your experience of Greece.​ She takes care of everything logistical so that your enjoy your trio from a place of ease, comfort and safety. Roke has also been taking women on trips to India since 2006.​​​​

  • Dimitra and Roke will weave in playful, introspective, & empowering activities that can help you change your perspectives towards life & transform yourself.

  • We stay in 3 places and make day trips to other destinations.


3 Nights in Athens | Days 1 - 3

  • Day 1: Arrival in Athens, dinner together, & introduction

  • Day 2: Ancient Agora, Acropolis Museum, Greek food tasting & music at a traditional tavern

  • Day 3: Interactive Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, Athens bazaar, Monstiraki flea market & taste of Athens nightlife

6 Nights in Peloponnese | Days 4 - 9

  • Day 4: Travel from Athens to Sparta Gaia, an 18th Century Mansion where we will settle in for 6 nights. On the way we make the following stops:

    • Eleusinian Mysteries in Demeter’s and Persephone's Sanctuary

    • Aphrodite’s Holy Prostitute Center in Corinth

    • Sparta: archaeological site and amphitheater

  • Day 5: A day of cleansing and connecting with the earth and plants:

    • Botanical walk: Plants and myths.

    • Rituals in Artemis Valley- farmer’s picnic

    • Homeric recipes dinner

  • Day 6: A day of exploring the caves and beaches:

    • Boat tour in the underground Diros caves

    • Lunch at Limeni fishermen's village

    • Swimming at the shipwreck Gytheio beach

  • Day 7: A day of living like a Greek woman:

    • “Zarakas Life and Gastronomy Museum”

    • “Standing Loom Weaving School” at Geraki

    • Wine tasting

    • Sapphic Poetry and the “Poet in you” workshop

    • Greek love and ecstatic dances party

  • Day 8: A day in the water:

    • Snorkeling in Pavlopetri, the most ancient submerged town, 4.000 BC

    • Tour and swimming in mythical Elafonisos island

  • Day 9: Trip to Monemvasia: The best preserved Byzantine Castletown, built on an islet

4 Nights in the island of Lesvos | Days 10 - 13

We travel to Athens and fly to the island of Lesvos. During these 4 days you can lounge in the beach, go shopping, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and engage in a variety of water sports. Or simply relax. We may take day trips to Molyvos castle town, visit the monastery in Sigri. Roke will hold a circle every evening to offer her 4 part signature ceremony for healing and empowerment to reclaim yourself, heal your past, renew your purpose, and dream in your future.


Last Night in Athens | Days 14 - 15


Day 14: We fly to Athens, stay overnight, to catch our flight home the next day.

15 days - June 23 to July 7, 2024


  • The cost of this trip is $4650. Early Bird price is $4500 which ends on February 15.

  • To register, contact Roke at or 510.681.9740 to make a non-refundable deposit of $500. The rest is payable by April 15.

  • The price includes all accommodations (double occupancy rooms), transportations in Greece, breakfasts and some special meals, entry to all sites, and participation fees for all activities. It does not include airfare, travel insurance, and most of the lunch/dinner meals.

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