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Women Write & Perform Together

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wednesday april 10



wednesday april 10



Join us on Wednesday April 10th at the free introductory session  of My Life. My Story. And get a sense of this 10 week program for Women. My Life. My Story. allows you to write on given prompts or your topics of interest to find and express your voice. You get to pen down stories about your life and who you are in a safe and playful space by writing, and sharing your work.

This workshop has been a transformative experience for me.  Roke provided a safe, supportive environment for me to test the waters as a writer.   Her encouragement and non-judgement enabled me to do what feels right for me. There was no pressure and I have been able to discover what my own writing process and style looks like.  I have been taking Roke's writing workshops since January 2023 and don't plan on stopping.


Marty Bulger

My Life. My Story. Rounds 1,2,3 of 2023

Ten weeks of writing with a small group of women and Roke’s guidance was a wonderful experience. As the weeks progressed, it became an anchor to my week and a soft space to land each Monday night. The women were courageous, creative, vulnerable, funny; and we wrote from the alchemy of our collective. Roke encouraged us, supplied prompts and gave feedback along the way. At times, the stories poured out of me, at times blocks arose; all was part of the process. It was very special to become accustomed to spinning our stories and bearing witness to the others’ process. 


Elaine Marie

My Life. My Story. Round 3 of 2023


My Life. My Story. is an inspiring and experiential writing journey for women in a safe and loving space held by Roke Noir, life coach, energy teacher, and spiritual guide in the Vedic/Indian tradition. This playful and introspective writing class will enable you to explore your inner landscape, recount the memories you want to preserve, and allow your dreams and desires to emerge, through your own words. 


Over 10 weeks, in a small group of women who love to write, share, and wish to create a solid body of work, you will:

  1. Experience the discipline and joy of writing as a living practice

  2. Be led into inner journeys to find your truth

  3. Be prompted to express whatever arises through written words

  4. Share your stories in the group and later to a larger audience


As a result of doing this work you will have opportunities to heal yourself, reclaim your true nature, and gain more clarity on the path ahead of you. You will walk away with a complete body of work or a draft of a work in progress and renewed desire to continue writing as a creative & joyful life practice.


  • I like to write.

  • I want to write more, on a regular basis, about me and my life.

  • It helps me if I am held in a safe space where I write with others inspired by inner journeys, atypical prompts, discussions & more.

  • I can read my work and ask for feedback, the way I want to receive it.

  • I enjoy expanding my perspectives by listening to what others write.

  • I am held accountable for editing my work till they feel complete.

  • It inspires me to participate in a public reading


  • Warm Up with discussions or exercises (15 mins)

  • Writing - Short Piece (15 mins)

  • Reading & Feedback  (15 mins)

  • Writing - Large Piece (30 mins)

  • Reading - Feedback - Editing in small group (30 mins)

  • Closing - Writing Intention for the week (15 mins)


WHERE: We will meet on Zoom.

WHEN: Classes will be held on Wednesdays, 6:00 - 8:00 pm PT, over 10 weeks.


  • First Class is on Wednesday April 17

  • Online Performance Date: June 19

TUITION : One time fee of $360 or 3 installments of $125 each month

to register : Contact Roke at or 510.681.9740

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