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Fall 2024 -20 Days - October 30 to November 18


Let's go to North India, the land of gods & goddesses, kings & queens, and ancient history

Next Information Session - Sunday April 14, 12 pm PT

Get on Zoom to learn about the trip, meet the hosts, and ask questions

Elephant Festival in India
Elephant Festival in India


You are invited to join Roke (Krishnakali) on a journey to her/their beloved homeland, India. For the 5th time, Cardamom Affair will host a small group of women as they experience India through the eyes of one of her own.


Roke was born and raised in Kolkata, India.  Though she came to the USA 30 years ago, and calls the Bay Area her other home, she spends 3 months every year in India. Roke is a Somatic Life Coach, Human Energy Teacher, and a Spiritual Guide in the Hindu/Indian tradition. Her intention for creating these trips is to allow India to work her transformative magic on you, by changing your perspectives and expanding your view of life.


Our Next Two back to back Trips are scheduled for​:


why us?

  • You come to India as a guest of Roke and her Mom, Bhadra, not a mere tourist. And a member of a small all women group.

  • Being with Roke, you receive an insider's sense of India, but from the place of ease, comfort, and safety that we are used to in the western world.

  • Her company at all times as your hostess, guide, and facilitator of inner journeys, in addition to having local guides in some places, deepens your experience of India.​

  • Providing choices and flexibility is of utmost importance to us. Most days you can choose to do what the group is doing or go on your personal quest.

  • Roke facilitates 4 Discovery Sessions, before going to India (through zoom and/or in person meetings). You get to connect with fellow travelers, as you prepare for and learn about India. Traveling with people you already know enhances the journey.

20 days - October 30 to November 18, 2024

signature experiences

These are samples of experiences; hand-crafted by Roke for the North/East India trip; based on her vision of bringing the diverse uniqueness of India and taking into account the wide range of interests her guests may have. She created these kinds of options for guests to enjoy in addition to visiting important historic, architectural, or spiritual sites at each place.

  • Kolkata: Tram Ride through interesting neighborhoods (books, theater, Anglo-Indian), Meeting with a group of women, Heritage Walking & Photography Tour, Make and serve tea at a roadside tea shop, Spend time with the Queer Bengali community.

  • Amadpur: Bike Ride, Swimming and fishing in the pond, tribal art, basket weaving, drumming-singing-dancing with indigenous women, making paper from recycled clothes, teaching and performing with the village kids, a cultural-spiritual-philosophical discourse with the village priest and grandmothers, and photography tour of the  village.

  • Bodhgaya: Visit the tree and surrounding sacred land where Buddha meditated and reached nirvana. Explore a variety of Buddhist centers, a 64 feet Buddha statue and the local marketplace.

  • Varanasi: Visit Silk-Handloom neighborhood, Cultural Tour of the ghats, Death Ritual with a Hindu Priest, Discourse with a Classical Music Teacher, Vedic Prana Yoga session. 

  • Agra: Cooking Demo followed by Dinner with an Indian family. ​

  • Ranthambore: Day and Night Safaris in the Ranthambore National Forest.

  • Jaipur: Play with the elephants, get unique jewelry made at a silver factory, visit Sanganer - a block printing town, meet an astrologer, visit the flower market and bangle alley, meet with a local astronomer and visit one of the oldest astronomical sites in the world.

  • Pushkar: Enjoy the world famous Camel Festival and walk around the lake and the bazaar.

  • Jodhpur: Desert Safari (camel or jeep), Historic Walking & Photography tour of the blue city, Get clothes made, Have dinner on the fort walls on a hill watching the night lights of the city and enjoying a music performance. 

  • Udaipur: Class on Miniature Painting or Cooking, Bike Tour, Sunset boat ride on the lake, Folk dances performance, Visit to a puppet factory, Watch sound & light show at the palace, Go hiking up to a hilltop temple.

  • Delhi: Heritage walk, Visit Bahai Lotus Temple, Enjoy an Indian Cooking Demo and farewell dinner.


  • The cost of this trip is $5880. Early Bird price is $5700 which ends on March 15.

  • To register, contact Roke at or 510.681.9740 to make a non-refundable deposit of $500. The rest is payable by July 15. Deferred Payment Plan are available with 10% additional interest.

  • The price includes all accommodations (double occupancy), all transportations in India, food and non-alcoholic beverages, entry to all sites, and participation fees for all activities. It does not include airfare, travel insurance, and visa.

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