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A Toolkit for Manifestation

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Join us on Tuesday October 3 at the free introductory session  of Finding my Life Partner. And get a sense of this 8 week program for Lesbian Singles. Finding my Life Partner teaches you to get ready for and call in your life partner. You will also advance your overall manifestation skills.


Finding My Life Partner is a 8 week Manifestation Class for Lesbians who are looking for their romantic life partner, and are open to exploring unconventional techniques to attract them. We will be meeting on Tuesdays, 6 - 8 pm PT, on Zoom, starting October 17. The cost is $360.


Over 8 weeks, in a small group of women who are in the same boat, you will:​

  1. Reclaim Your true self as a romantic partner.

  2. Gain clarity on what you want from a long term partnership.

  3. Create the core image of the life partner you are seeking.

  4. Develop a partnership container to set your intention and serve as a beacon to attract your partner.

  5. Set up a circle of resources to help you call in your life partner.

I am offering this class to share the energetic tools and techniques I have put into use to find my own life partner and manifest many other intentions. The class is more intuitive than cognitive and is primarily based on personal and relational energy work for manifestation. You will be learning, discussing, and practicing a variety of skills which you will be able to put into use for manifesting anything else you want in the future.


I have had girlfriends from the age of 12. A serial monogamist, I have enjoyed and learnt from all those relationships but had failed to have a long term life partner.

After 5 years of taking a break from relationships for personal and relational growth work - I set an intention one New Year's Eve to call in my life partner. She walked into my life within a month. And we are in a holistic partnership with grace and ease.

In addition to being a life and relationship coach, I have been studying personal energy for 12 years and relational energy for over 8 years with Lynda Caesara in Berkeley. This work, together with Shamanic practices I have also been studying and Hindu/Indian spirituality I was born into and embody have helped me build a manifestation toolkit which I have applied to finding my long term life partner, recently, and many other things in the past.


WHERE: We will meet on Zoom.

WHEN: Classes will be held on Tuesdays, 6:00 - 8:00 pm PT, over 8 weeks.

class dates

  • October 17 and 24

  • November 7, 14, 21, and 28

  • December 5 and 12

TUITION : One time fee of $360 or 3 installments of $120 each month

to register : Contact Roke at or 510.681.9740

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